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Patrizia Ignites Electric Vehicle Revolution in Germany with €70m Investment



In green energy and climate change solutions, real assets fund manager Patrizia is making a significant impact. With a substantial investment of €70 million, Patrizia is spearheading the transformation of Germany into a thriving Electric Vehicle (EV) industry hub. 

This financial endeavor is not just an ordinary investment it’s a strategic move towards cleaner, smarter cities and towns, as well as a contribution to the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure in Germany. Let’s delve into the details of how Patrizia is shaping the future of mobility in Germany and beyond.

The €70 Million Game-Changer

Patrizia’s strategic investment involves partnering with Numbat, a prominent player in the EV charging solutions sector. A group of German banks led by Deutsche Asset Leasing has extended a financing facility of equal size to support this incredible trip.

Empowering Tegut and Organic Supermarkets

The partnership between this project and the organic grocery chain Tegut is noteworthy. With the help of Patrizia’s funding infusion, 400 ultrafast EV charging stations will be installed at 200 distinct Tegut locations. This visionary move promises an unprecedented level of accessibility to EV charging for the German public.

Imagine strolling through your neighborhood Tegut store, picking up groceries, and simultaneously charging your electric vehicle. It’s an integration of daily routines with sustainable practices, an offering that makes clean mobility a part of our everyday lives.

Convertible Loan Note and Future Plans

Patrizia’s commitment goes beyond the immediate investment. They’ve provided a convertible loan note to Numbat, further strengthening the partnership. This action not only guarantees the project’s success but also clears the path for upcoming EV charging initiatives throughout Europe. Patrizia is demonstrating its dedication to supporting green energy initiatives and advancing the cause of climate change mitigation.

The Vision for Clean Mobility

Matteo Andreoletti, head of infrastructure for Europe and North America at Patrizia, highlights the significance of e-mobility in addressing climate change. He states, “Supporting the transition to green energy is one of our key long-term investment trends as we address the challenges of climate change. 

E-mobility has a significant role to play in putting us on the path to net zero and creating smarter, cleaner towns and cities. We are excited to fully leverage our expertise in both renewables and smart city solutions to drive the future value and growth of our partnerships with Numbat and Tegut.”

A Win-Win for All Parties Involved

Martin Schall, CEO of Numbat, emphasizes the positive impact of this collaboration on the growing demand for fast chargers in Germany. He notes, “With the installation of up to 400 chargers at the supermarkets, we will significantly contribute to the strong growing demand for fast chargers in Germany. 

Tegut can offer a convenient opportunity for EV drivers to charge their vehicles while they do their grocery shopping. At the same time, with our integrated battery storage, renewable electricity can be charged to the cars, supporting the joint vision of all involved parties to promote clean mobility solutions.”

This partnership is a win-win for all stakeholders. It addresses the needs of EV drivers, and supermarket shoppers, and the overarching goal of a sustainable, clean mobility future.


In conclusion, Patrizia’s €70 million investment is a big investment for Germany’s EV industry. By investing in Numbat and collaborating with Tegut, they are not only fostering a robust EV charging infrastructure but also shaping the future of clean and sustainable mobility. This remarkable initiative is a testament to their commitment to addressing climate change and creating smarter, cleaner towns and cities.


1. What is the significance of Patrizia’s €70 million investment in Germany?

Patrizia’s investment is a significant step towards transforming Germany into an Electric Vehicle industry hub, fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future.

2. How many charging stations will be deployed through this initiative?

Patrizia’s funding will help Tegut, an organic grocery chain, install 400 ultrafast EV charging stations at 200 of its stores.

3. What is the role of Numbat in this partnership?

Numbat is a key partner, providing EV charging solutions and collaborating with Patrizia to drive clean mobility solutions in Germany.

4. How does this initiative benefit EV drivers and supermarket shoppers?

This initiative offers EV drivers the convenience of charging their vehicles while grocery shopping at Tegut, promoting clean mobility solutions.

5. What is the long-term vision behind Patrizia’s investment in e-mobility?

Patrizia’s investment aligns with its commitment to supporting green energy initiatives and addressing the challenges of climate change by creating smarter, cleaner towns and cities through e-mobility solutions.

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