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Britain’s Conservative Government has prepared for a new target for Sex Education



Britain's-Conservative -Government-has -prepared-for-a-new -target-for-Sex- Education

As the general election in Britain approaches, the bitter debate on sex education circulates inside British politics. Every channel highlights this issue, which has become the top trend topic throughout Britain. On Thursday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government’s new conduct display examines how gender identity is taught in England’s schools. 

This is an important intervention into a delicate topic that appears suddenly on the front pages of British newspapers a day before the announcement. Those lessons have been necessary at schools in England since 2020. But recently, the government said it rechecked how they are taught after reports of learners being taught improper content” in some schools.  

The plans on the topic of sex education will be submitted over a nine-week during the argument period, which will implemented before the start of Britain’s next school year. But due to the coming election, the guidance will be implemented.

Government Statement on Sex Education

The Official of the Government says the improved guidance of this education. But it came under pressure from some of its lawmakers, provides clarity on this topic, and gives priority facts over what it calls contested views about gender identity.

In the same way, Other critics like teachers and teacher union leaders say that this step is a political attempt to save the collection of voters and supporters. Teacher Union leader says the government feels the danger of losing the supporters a month before the general election.

Pepe Di Lasio is the General Secretary of the Association of Colleges and Schools and a headteacher at a school in northern England. In his interview with CNN, De Lasio says, ‘ In his view, the government’s plans are driven by a political agenda at the front of a campaign season.

Di Lasio also said, “When the first time you hear about those is in a headline on a tabloid newspaper, then that doesn’t reassure you that the right research is taking place and that the right level of integrity is behind the decision-making” 

Di Lasio said ‘What we are seeing in young people,  their health, wellbeing, care, guidance, being used as a political football.’ 

New guidance on Sex Education is a shameful act:

The new copy of the guidance from the current government, which was published on Thursday, proposes that sex way and relationships be taught to English children in both primary and secondary schools.

Gillian Keegan is the secretary of education in England. In The Sun newspaper, she wrote that “ teachers are there to teach children facts, not push the agendas of political party campaigns.”

She also said, “ Never again will young girls be taught that they might be that little bit happier if they were boys.”

The solid limits on sex education:

The Government officials said that very clear guidance would support teachers and reassure parents. They said we set out which topics should be taught to learners at what age.

Paul Whiteman is the general secretary of the school leader’s union, NAHT. Paul said, “It is hard to see how the solid limits on what can be discussed and when would be in the best interests of young people.

Paul also said that many children already gain information outside of school, which might lead to teachers being asked about sensitive topics.

Whiteman said If what has been leaked about sex education is accurate, the government must provide evidence that is not in a good manner to show that such age limits will boost the safeguarding, support, and protection of children and young people.

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