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7 Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA: Where Fido Feels at Home



7 Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA: Where Fido Feels at Home

Are you a pet parent who dreads leaving your furry friend behind when you head out on vacation? The good news is that more and more hotel chains across the U.S. are rolling out the red carpet for your four-legged family members. 

As the trend of pet adoptions and remote work grows, hospitality companies are recognizing the importance of catering to pet owners. Say goodbye to the dilemma of leaving your pet behind or sacrificing your travel plans. 

Here are the top 7 pet-friendly hotel chains in the USA where your pets are not just welcome but pampered.

1. Kimpton Hotels: Embracing Every Pet with Open Arms

Pet Policy: No size, weight, or breed restrictions, and no extra charge. 

At Kimpton Hotels, owned by IHG, your “furry, feathery, or scaly” family members are more than welcome—they’re celebrated. This boutique collection of U.S. properties takes pride in inclusivity, allowing you to bring any type of animal companion. There’s no limit on the number of pets, and the hotel goes the extra mile with plush pet beds, food and water bowls, mats, poop bags, and even dedicated Directors of Pet Relations on staff.

2. Virgin Hotels: Where Four-Legged Guests Stay for Free

Pet Policy: No breed or size restrictions; pets stay free.

Virgin Hotels, the British-owned chain, invites your pets to stay with you for free, without any limitations on breed or size. Every property offers plush dog beds, special treats, stylish Virgin-branded bandanas, and even a porcelain watchdog guarding the pet-friendly chambers. With locations in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, and New York City, Virgin Hotels ensures your pet enjoys the stay as much as you do.

3. Loews Hotels: Going Above and Beyond for Furry Guests

Pet Policy: Two pets per room; treats, bowls, placemats provided. 

Loews Hotels’ “Loews Loves Pets” program sets the standard for going above and beyond. Treats, bowls, and placemats are standard at check-in, and on request, you can get special pet beds, leashes, collars, toys, litter boxes, and more. The hotel provides pet-in-room door hangers, doggie pick-up bags, walking route maps, and even gourmet room-service menus for cats and dogs, specially crafted by the hotels’ Executive Chefs.

4. Marriott: A Pet-Friendly Haven with VIP Treatment

Pet Policy: Varies by brand and property; dedicated amenities available.

 A recent Skyscanner study identified Marriott as one of the most pet-friendly major hotel chains in America. With at least 10 pet-friendly Marriott Bonvoy brands, including Westin, Aloft, and Element, your pets are in for a VIP treatment. Whether it’s a plush Heavenly Dog Bed, Aloft-branded beds and bowls, or Element’s “Love That Dog” program, Marriott ensures your furry friends feel right at home.

5. Hilton: Where 80% of Properties Welcome Your Pets

Pet Policy: Varies by brand and property; pet perks available. 

Hilton, an industry giant, allows pets at approximately 80% of its properties. With seven pet-friendly brands, including Canopy, Hampton, Tru, Homewood Suites, Home2 Suites, Embassy Suites, and Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton offers diverse options for pet-loving travelers. Pet perks may include treats, guides for pet owners, and access to the Mars Pet Expert Team for health and wellness inquiries.

Feeling perplexed about leaving your pet behind? These pet-friendly hotel chains ensure you never have to make that choice again. The surge in pet adoptions and the evolving landscape of remote work have led these hospitality giants to embrace the reality that travelers want their pets to join them on their journeys. So, pack your bags, bring your furry friend along, and embark on a vacation where everyone, including Fido, feels right at home.

In conclusion, the era of worrying about leaving your pets behind on vacations is fading, thanks to these pet-friendly hotel chains. The hospitality industry’s shift towards inclusivity allows you to enjoy your travels without the anxiety of separation. Choose any of these top-notch pet-friendly hotel chains, and let your pet become a VIP guest on your next adventure. Traveling with your furry family member has never been more enjoyable!


Q1: Are there any additional fees for bringing my pet to a pet-friendly hotel?

While many pet-friendly hotels, such as Kimpton and Virgin Hotels, welcome pets at no extra charge, it’s essential to check individual hotel policies. Some may have specific fees, especially if there are multiple pets or additional services requested, so it’s advisable to clarify before booking.

Q2: Are there size or breed restrictions for pets at these pet-friendly hotels?

Each hotel chain has its own policies regarding pet size and breed. For instance, Kimpton Hotels and Virgin Hotels typically have no restrictions, while others like Loews Hotels may limit the number of pets per room and have weight restrictions. Always check with the specific hotel for their policies.

Q3: Can I expect special amenities for my pet at these hotels, or is it just a pet-friendly room?

Pet-friendly hotels often go above and beyond to provide special amenities. Kimpton Hotels, for example, offers plush pet beds, food and water bowls, mats, and even has Directors of Pet Relations on staff. Similarly, Loews Hotels provide treats, special pet beds, and even gourmet room-service menus for cats and dogs.

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