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OpenAI Drops ChatGPT New Feature Feature with a Joke About its CEO Drama



The new AI ChatGPT 4 just got a jolt of voice in the form of chatGPT new feature! OpenAI, the pioneering AI company, has developed a game-changing feature and integrated a voice search feature in ChatGPT. The long-awaited voice feature on ChatGPT. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), OpenAI unveiled this marvel, allowing users to engage ChatGPT using their voice within the mobile app. It’s a seismic shift, marking a shift from typed interactions to fluid, spoken conversations.

A Voice for All

chatGPT new feature marks a monumental leap forward, following OpenAI’s earlier introduction of voice and image prompts exclusively for paying users. But the game’s changed now! Everyone’s invited to the party, making the AI experience more inclusive and accessible to all.

A Twist of Humor Amidst Turmoil

The timing, however, is intriguingly off-kilter. OpenAI’s big unveil arrives amidst internal upheaval, as the company grapples with CEO discord and potential mass resignations. The drama, highlighted by the recent ousting of CEO Sam Altman, has left the company in a state of flux. Yet, amidst the chaos, OpenAI couldn’t resist infusing humor into its unveiling.

Jokes Amidst Chaos

The demo showcased a cheeky sense of humor, with a playful jest aimed at the ongoing drama. In a light-hearted exchange, someone queried ChatGPT about ordering pizzas for a hungry team burning the midnight oil amidst the turmoil. The AI’s response? A quirky suggestion of 195 pizzas to feed the hungry horde of 778—a subtle nod to the company’s headcount.

The Tech Behind the Voice

So, how does this all work? OpenAI’s voice feature operates on a cutting-edge text-to-speech model, generating eerily human-like voices from text inputs. The secret sauce? A fusion of brief speech samples and collaboration with professional voice actors to craft five distinct voices. Meanwhile, the Whisperer speech recognition model seamlessly translates verbal cues into text.

How to Dive In chatGPT new feature

For those itching to jump into the conversational fray, accessing the voice feature is a breeze. Simply navigate to the settings menu on the ChatGPT app on Android or iOS and tap the headphones icon. Voila! You’re all set to speak your mind and hear ChatGPT’s response in real time.

Brockman’s Return?

Amidst the tumult, former OpenAI President Greg Brockman’s actions raise eyebrows. His eagerness to share OpenAI’s voice feature hints at intriguing possibilities. Despite his resignation following Altman’s dismissal, his active engagement with OpenAI’s developments sparks speculation. Could this be a sign of a potential return or merely a gesture of pride in the company’s strides?

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the chatGPT new feature signifies more than a mere technological advancement; it symbolizes a commitment to inclusivity and innovation. While the drama unfolds, ChatGPT’s voice feature invites us to join in, amplifying the human-AI conversation and heralding a new era in AI interaction.


How do I activate the voice feature on ChatGPT?

To activate the voice feature, simply access the settings menu on the ChatGPT app, available on both Android and iOS. Look for the headphones icon and tap on it to start using your voice for interactions with ChatGPT. It’s that easy!

2. Is the voice feature available for all users?

Yes, absolutely! OpenAI has made this voice feature available for all users, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Unlike the earlier release limited to paying subscribers, now anyone can dive into voice-driven conversations with ChatGPT.

3. What’s the tech behind ChatGPT’s voice feature?

The voice feature operates on an advanced text-to-speech model that crafts remarkably human-like voices from text inputs. OpenAI combined brief speech samples and collaborated with professional voice actors to create five distinct voices. It’s powered by the Whisperer speech recognition model, translating spoken words into text seamlessly.

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