BTS is on hiatus as all 7 BTS members have joined the Army of South Korea?



BTS is undoubtedly the global sensation and South Korean boy band. Unfortunately, BTS is on hiatus. You must be wondering; Why? Well, it turns out that all seven members are gearing up for a different kind of performance and it is their military service.
In this article, we’ll learn about the details of this unexpected event of BTS on hiatus. We will explore the impact of the mandatory military and how their management is handling the temporary break.

The Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

In the land of K-pop and kimchi, serving in the military is not just an option; it’s a civic duty for all able-bodied men aged 18 to 28. The law demands at least 18 months of service, and exceptions are rare. While some categories like athletes enjoy special exemptions, pop stars, including our beloved BTS, aren’t so lucky. The debate around whether K-pop idols should be exempt from this duty has been ongoing, but the management’s decision took a different route.

The BTS Hiatus Announcement

October 2022 marked a significant moment for BTS fans worldwide. The band declared a hiatus to allow each member to explore solo endeavors and fulfill their mandatory military service. The hiatus was a strategic move, allowing fans to witness the individual talents of each member before the grand reunion in 2025. The eldest member, Jin, set the stage by enlisting in December 2022, paving the way for the rest of the members.

Buzz Cuts and Selfies from the Front Lines

RM and V recently embarked on their military journey at a boot camp in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province. The commitment to service is not just words; it’s visible in their actions. A recent Instagram post by V showcased his buzz cut, a symbolic gesture adhering to military standards. The visual transformations of the members reflect their dedication to the cause and their willingness to embrace the rigors of military life.

Enlistment Procedures

While each member is following their own enlistment procedures, Jimin and Jung Kook have chosen to take on this civic duty together. BIGHIT MUSIC, the band’s management, confirmed this news on WeVerse, reassuring fans that despite the physical distance, their support for BTS remains unwavering. The statement also urged fans to refrain from purchasing unauthorized merchandise during this hiatus period.

BTS 7 members who are enrolled in the Army

RM (Rap Monster)Rapper, LeaderUnique rap style, Leadership
JinVocalistMelodious vocals
SugaRapperDistinctive rap style
J-HopeRapper, DancerEnergetic dance moves
JiminVocalist, DancerSmooth vocals, Captivating dance routines
V (Taehyung)VocalistUnique vocal abilities, Contributes to harmonies
Jung KookVocalistYouthful energy, Maknae (youngest member)

BIGHIT MUSIC’s Support and Advisory

During this hiatus, BIGHIT MUSIC took the opportunity to address fans directly. In a statement, they confirmed the enlistment process for RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook, emphasizing that unauthorized merchandise or concert tickets should not be bought during the band’s absence. The message echoed a promise of continuous support and guidance for the fans during this temporary separation.

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The Journey So Far

Jin led the charge by being the first to enlist, followed by J-Hope in April and Suga in September of the previous year. This pattern of enlistment ensures that the band follows a well-orchestrated schedule, paving the way for a grand reunion in 2025 as promised by the management. The strategic planning behind these enlistments demonstrates the commitment of both the members and their management to a harmonious return.


BTS is on Hiatus and now the military service has taken precedence over sold-out concerts. The hiatus is not just a pause in their music; it’s a chapter of personal and collective growth. While fans eagerly await their reunion in 2025, the individual journeys of each member promise to be a symphony of diverse talents. So, until then, let’s cheer on our favorite K-pop stars as they march to the beat of a different drum, donning military uniforms, and making their mark beyond the stage. The hiatus may be a break from the spotlight, but it’s a stepping stone for the seven stars to shine even brighter in the years to come.

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